Course curriculum

    1. Talk | Xinggong & The Celestial Eye

    2. Session 1 (short)

    3. Session 1 (long)

    1. Talk | Shen Light to Outer Human Universe

    2. Session 2 (short)

    3. Session 2 (long)

    1. Talk | Shen Light Enters Palace of Earth (outside body)

    2. TA5.3 Session 3 (short)

    3. TA5.3 Session 3 (long)

    1. Talk | Shen Light Enters Palace of Earth (inside body)

    2. TA5.4 Session 4 (short)

    3. TA5.4 Session 4 (long)

    1. Talk | Xinggong Energetic Anatomy (theory)

    2. Talk | Opening the Celestial Eye

    3. Session 5 (short)

    4. Session 5 (long)

    1. Talk | Neigong Lines

    2. Session 6 (short)

    3. Session 6 (long)

  • $850.00


  • What's included?

    Nine modules. Each module includes a talk and session. The sessions give a structured, easy-to-follow way to practice based on the private guided instructions of the lineage.

  • Do I have lifetime access?

    Yes. You may complete the course at your own pace, and revisit whenever you like. The length of each course will vary for everyone, because everyone is different. The courses are designed to be flexible.

  • Can I ask questions and get support?

    Yes. Each talk and session has a discussion feature, where you can ask questions. You will also get access to a private community called TAO Friends.

  • Are there any other resources?

    Yes. The book series (The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping), YouTube channel, and private community (TAO Friends).

  • Are there any requirements?

    Student needs to be able to sit in cross-legged meditation posture for at least 60 mins, and this time increases during the course.

  • Is there a welcome email?

    Yes. Please, check your spam folder if you don't receive one.

  • Where does this course fit into the curriculum?

    This course supplements courses 3 and 4. You can do it after finishing those courses or alongside them.

  • Are these methods safe?

    Yes. But you must follow the safety advice given. Like any advanced internal/energetic practice, internal alchemy can be dangerous if done incorrectly. However, the methods in Taoist Alchemy Online have been put together safely. The guided sessions passed on by Wang Liping come with various safety mechanisms built in.

Course Five companion book

Every Taoist internal practice needs to balance Ming and Xing. Ming is the more physical part of us (including qi of lower and middle dantians). Xing is our eternal unchanging self (found in the upper dantian). But how do we touch into and cultivate Xing. Volume Two introduces in detail the Xinggong of the Dragon Gate Lineage.


Nathan began Taoist practice in 1997, immersing himself in Taoist temple arts, martial arts, meditation, internal work (neigong), energy work (qigong), and internal alchemy. For several years Nathan lived in China and trained full-time with a number of masters, as well as learning Mandarin Chinese. Afterwards, Nathan returned to Canada to pursue academic study of Taoism, where he received an honours degree in Asian Languages and Culture and worked towards an MA at the University of British Columbia, extending his knowledge of Classical Chinese and the Taoist canon. After meeting Wang Liping, Nathan left graduate school and devoted himself wholly to learning Taoist alchemy. In 2015 Wang Liping authorized Nathan to teach and write a series of books detailing Dragon Gate alchemy.

Nathan Brine