Learn Internal Alchemy

A traditional system of energetic transformation

Learning any system of neigong is difficult without clear instruction. Taoist Alchemy Online provides a structured and easy-to-follow means to learn the internal alchemy of the Dragon Gate Lineage. Through talks and guided sessions students are shown how to build and develop a deep practice of internal power. Included are the private oral guided instructions necessary to master the practice.

Wang Liping

All material in these courses has been passed on by Wang Liping. Wang Liping is the current transmitter of the Dragon Gate Lineage, a Taoist lineage that for centuries has been synonymous with the practice of internal alchemy. Wang Liping’s lineage is a traditional Mountain Taoist lineage. These Taoists are fully engaged in self-transformation and the pursuit of transcendence. Wang Liping’s arduous training was described in the book Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard.

What people are saying

Karolos Gikas

"The clarity of transmission, the amount of information and finally the effectiveness of what Nathan teaches cannot be compared with anything I have come along in the almost 40 years of my Quest for Taoist & Spiritual teachings."

Brooks Snyder

"Within the western, English-speaking Daoist internal arts scene, Nathan and his teachings are a gem. Wang Liping's system of Daoist Alchemy is easily one of the most comprehensive and powerful systems of its type that is openly available to English speakers. However, it was only after Nathan started teaching that the material was structured and explained in a way that was accessible and easy to understand. Nathan is a rare individual who has both the conceptual knowledge as well as the important deep, experiential knowledge that can only come from years of dedicated practice and direct experience. With a knack for teaching and an enthusiasm that is contagious, Nathan is an excellent teacher that I can't recommend highly enough."

Authentic and effective

Manish B.

"I have attended numerous retreats with Master Wang LiPing and find Nathan's courses and seminars to be authentic and effective."


  • Can I ask questions?

    Yes. Each talk and session has a discussion feature, where you can ask questions. There is also a private Facebook chat group for students of Wang Liping you can join if enrolled in a course.

  • Will I have lifetime access to the courses?

    Yes. Once enrolled in a course you will have lifetime access. Complete each course at your own pace, and get support whenever you like. The length of the courses will vary for everyone, because everyone is different.

  • Is Taoist Alchemy Online suitable for beginners?

    Yes. However, you will get better results if you have done internal arts before.

  • Can Taoist Alchemy be practiced alongside other internal arts?

    Yes. Except perhaps other lineages of internal alchemy or neigong. But you're fine doing it alongside practices such as internal martial arts, qigong, dao yin, standing practices, and most forms of Yangsheng practice.

  • Are there any requirements?

    You need be able to sit without moving in cross-legged meditation for at least 30 mins-- and session length increases from there. If you have difficulty sitting cross-legged, then I recommend spending some time training your legs and pelvic bowl. Look at stretching, tai chi, dao yin, martial arts, or yoga.

  • Are there other resources for Taoist Alchemy Online?

    Yes. I have a book series, The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping, and a YouTube channel.

  • Are the methods safe?

    Yes. Like any advanced internal/energetic practice if done incorrectly internal alchemy can be dangerous. However, the methods in Taoist Alchemy Online have been put together in a safe way. The guided sessions passed on by Wang Liping come with various safety mechanisms built in. However, if for whatever reason you feel unwell while practicing--- stop and contact me.

  • Are you certified to teach Taoist Alchemy for Wang Liping?

    Yes. Wang Liping asked me to start teaching in 2015.

Companion book series

For those who want more, check out the book series. The book series is a helpful companion to the Taoist Alchemy Online program. Currently Vol. 1 is available on Amazon, with more Volumes on the way.

What people are saying about the book

A book and a doorway

Captain Subtext

"This humble little book may be the most important thing written in English"

Amazing Book!

Tim Booth

"I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Clear concise layout and instructions for this venerable form of self cultivation and practice. The online course is well worth the money as well."

Don't look any further. You found what you are looking for!

Ryan Pimentel

"Nathan Brine has achieved a monumental goal for Westerners who want to train in authentic Complete Reality School meditation, indeed those who wish to open the dragon gate."



"My desert island book. A useful supplement to the online course, but could also serve as a stand-alone resource. Highly recommended."

The book that enthusiasts of Wang Liping's Taoist Alchemy have been waiting for

Brooks Snyder

"This is the book that we have been waiting for. Anyone interested in Wang Liping's system of Taoist Alchemy (or even just Taoism in general) should order this gem and keep an eye out for future volumes. In the author we have a dedicated practitioner of Wang Liping's system who not only has years of experience in personal practice, retreats and in teaching the system, but who has also studied Taoism and Chinese language academically. Combined with a knack for teaching and explaining things in an easy-to-grasp manner, Nathan Brine has created a truly exceptional book. Giving this one 5 stars was an easy choice!"

A practical and enthusiastic guide written from first-hand experience...

The Banished Immortal

"from personal experience of training with Wang Liping, [Nathan] shares generously much detailed knowledge and advice that up until recently would have been closely guarded, esoteric “inner door” information. Nathan’s genuine desire to pass on his love of Daoist practices shines through in this highly readable and enthusiastic guide. I’d recommend this book, along with his online material, to anyone with a nascent interest or even existing experience in Nei Dan."

Practical excellent and real


"Nathan is a direct, long-term student of Wang, and completely fluent in Chinese, including the technical language sometimes required for a deep meditation practice. Nathan's cultural understanding and personally high level of kungfu is obvious in this work. I deeply look forward to studying and working with the material of this volume more...and of course vol. 2 sometime in the future!"

An amazing and detailed account of an authentic Taoist lineage

J. Church

"Wow! What an amazing book! This is a detailed and clear account of the beginning stages of neidan, which is very rare on its own. Nathan has done an amazing job of taking something that historically is intentionally obfuscated, and brought the teachings to the west in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to read as well as understand."

Must have for any neidan practitioner


"I would say this book is the best starting point for anyone interested to know and practice daoist internal alchemy. Very well explained and with lots of practical info to start practicing. The author offers also a videocourse for anyone interested in having audio guided sessions on yin xian fa and more advanced practices. Recommended."


Karl Thomas

"This is by far the most accessible text on neidan I’ve ever read. It’s clearly written and thorough. I can’t wait to see what’s in his next book but I have a feeling I’ll be working on this material for some time."

Companion for Taoist Alchemy 5: Opening the Celestial Eye

Coming soon...

Every Taoist internal practice needs to balance Ming and Xing. Ming is the more physical part of us (including qi of lower and middle dantians). Xing is our eternal unchanging self (found in the upper dantian). But how do we touch into and cultivate Xing. Volume Two introduces in detail the Xinggong of the Dragon Gate Lineage.


Nathan Brine

Nathan has been teaching Chinese internal arts for over 20 years. He began Taoist practice in 1997, immersing himself in Taoist temple arts, martial arts, meditation, internal work (neigong), energy work (qigong), and internal alchemy. For several years Nathan lived in China and trained full-time with a number of masters, as well as learning Mandarin Chinese. Afterwards, Nathan returned to Canada to pursue academic study of Taoism, where he received an honours degree in Asian Languages and Culture and worked towards an MA at the University of British Columbia, extending his knowledge of Classical Chinese and the Taoist canon. After meeting Wang Liping, Nathan left graduate school and devoted himself wholly to learning Taoist alchemy. In 2015 Wang Liping authorized Nathan to teach and write a series of books detailing Dragon Gate alchemy. From 2016 to 2020 Nathan lead classes and workshops in Vancouver, Canada and internationally. After his first book was published In 2020, Nathan opened an online program and stopped in-person teaching to focus full-time on book writing and personal practice.